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105+ Depression Poetry in Urdu ڈپریشن پوئِٹْری

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Depression Poetry in Urdu

Depression poetry in Urdu can help you express and cope with your emotions. Depression is a significant medical disorder that affects your behavior, feelings, and thoughts. It causes a lack of interest in daily tasks and things you previously enjoyed.

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Depression is a complex subject that not everyone grasps. Those suffering from or have suffered from this illness know the emotions and sentiments that go through them. Seeing other individuals struggle can exacerbate your frustration. Others may say things like “It’s all an act” or “It’s all in your head,” which can exacerbate sadness.

Here is some depression poetry in Urdu to help you express and relate to your emotions.

Depression poetry in Urdu

یہ زندگی جو پکارے تو شک سا ہوتا ہے
کہیں ابھی تو مجھے خود کشی نہیں کرنی

Ye zindagi jo pukare to shak sa hota hai
Kahin abhi to mujhe khud-kushi nahin karni

depression poetry in urdu
depression poetry in urdu

Heart broken depression poetry Urdu

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Written by Sadiya Mumtaz

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